Searching for yin in a world with too much yang.

Day 1, trying to work out how to create my blog :). Not as easy as it would seem. From the thousands of them all over the web :), I wrongly assumed this would not take long vcm_s_kf_max160_160x120 WRONG… Once again.

So this is my attempt to document my search for my missing yin. You may wonder what is all this about, as this is the about section… But as I am not 100% sure myself we are going to go on this journey together. So I hope you like my blogs and musings about my search and what i discover along the way. Welcome to MARCELONA.!


  1. Michael · April 2, 2017

    Hi Marcelona, so nice to meet you and look forward to following your journey. I too am trying to find my balance in the universe and my blog is part of that journey. Wishing you success.😊

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  2. marcelonablog · April 2, 2017

    thank you 🙂


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